About us

AnotheReality is a software company specialized in Virtual & Augmented reality solutions.
Just like the internet did, VR & AR will change the world as we know it, disrupt business models and create completely new ones. AnotheReality is here to help you understanding how your business can benefit from these new technologies, and make you ready to compete in a completely new arena. Our services range from top quality 360 video experiences, to fully interactive and customized virtual worlds and solutions.
Our expertise ranges from corporate marketing & sales applications (communication, branding and trade marketing), to custom and stand-alone solutions applied to different sectors: design, architecture, education, gaming, entertainment, tourism, fashion, retail, automotive, naval.

Virtual Reality

A virtual world designed by you

Augmented Reality

An extra layer for your reality


Business Applications

AR and VR provide added value to most business models: we can help you identifying how, and build a custom solution for your business.

  • Training & Saftety with AI integration
  • Data visualization and dashboards
  • Architecture and construction
  • Custom projects and applications

Gaming & Entertainment

Entertainment to a whole new level: we are expert in game design and development, both in virtual worlds and in augmented reality.

  • Videogames
  • Tourism
  • Museums & art exhibitions

Branding & Marketing Solutions

Bring your marketing strategy to the next level with VR or AR. Let your customers interact with your product or services in a completely new way.

  • Exhibitions & fairs
  • Product launches
  • Product personalization


Unity & unreal complex applications development

Interaction/UX/UI studio & design

High end Computer generated imagery, from concept development to finishing (internal 3d artists & specialists)

360 photos and videos with professional quality, from art direction to end production + full interactivity study and design

Audio solutions, including binaural 3d

Cups of coffee

Lines of code written


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Fabio Mosca


CTO & founder

Lorenzo Cappannari


CEO & founder

Matteo Favarelli


COO & founder

Christian Angelo Castelli

Christian Angelo Castelli

3D Generalist

Sonia Casamento

Sonia Casamento

Shader Artist

Alessandro Osima

Alessandro Osima


Domenico Favaro

Domenico Favaro




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